Warner Bros Targets Popular Streaming SubReddit

There are dedicated communities which help people to find copies of freshly released movies and tv shows over the internet. Reddit is one of them. It provides you with copies of fresh releases of films and tv shows. The SubReddit, BestofStreamingVideos is dedicated to stream movies and tv shows often from unauthorized sources.


Hollywood is not happy with this gesture of BestofStreamingVideo, the most popular subreddit. It has the maximum of 45,838 readers who are indeed interested in the free movie experience. The DCMA accuses subreddit of infringing the copyright of 2015 movie interstellar.

In fact, the notice was not sent to the company but to Google. The notice requests Google to remove Reddit page from the internet. Whereas, Google has denied the request and Subreddit is still continuing on Google.

There can be two reasons for the same; maybe Google is trying to portray that Reddit is quite capable of handling their own notices, whereas, on the other hand, the request is quite broad as per the notice. The notice does not list any official URL of Reddit submission.

Moderators of BestofStreamingVideo are very happy. The site is simply made for people to share links, they have no control over their user’s action.

Moderator Xosfear said, “Instead of focusing on Subreddit performance, Warner Bros should focus on gettings movies to their fans with fair prices.”

“In my opinion, if Warner Brothers spent all the time and money they spent on trying to control piracy on building a centralized platform for users to own their own movie library for a cost-effective price, they would make millions,” xosfear says.

Look at what Steam has done for Valve and video game piracy. Of course, that would mean co-operating with other movie studios, and I doubt they would put aside their greed to do that.”

Well, for your knowledge this is not the first time that BestofStreamingVideos has been targeted. In 2014 LionsGate sent the same notice to them. And it is still without any resultpsiphon downlaod.
The site is working well on the internet for now. It is still questionable whether Warner bros have asked Reddit to shut down the Subreddit or not. This has definitely questioned Warner Bros to build a better legal movie platform instead.

Cynthia Moore

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