SnapTube 4.4 Download Released and Adds New Feature

Technology geeks and apps lovers have a reason to celebrate, thanks to the recent launch of the SnapTube 4.4 Download. The new Android App will enable users to download YouTube videos fast, and in a convenient way. In other words, you’ll be able to now download YouTube videos right from your phone or any other hand held device. Previously, the only reliable app for downloading YouTube videos was only compatible with Windows, which meant that laptops and desktops were the greatest beneficiaries. But now that there’s an app that’s compatible with Android, analysts are hailing this to be a huge milestone.

The SnapTube4.4 Download has several features worth taking note of;

  • The App allows you to browse and search for your favorite YouTube video pretty fast and conveniently. Mind you, you’re offered various categories, with sections of the most popular videos, videos that have the most views, or videos recommended for you by YouTube. This means that you’ll spend lesser time when searching for your favorite movie or series, seeing that your search is already greatly narrowed down.
  • Upon finding the video you’re looking for, you can then proceed to watch it or download it on your hand held device. You can thus watch the video later, even without internet connection.
  • One of the most amazing features in the recently released SnapTube 4.4 App is that it allows you to download the audio only from a YouTube video; this is in instances where you have insufficient memory on your phone to store the entire video. At times when you want to download an entire album of your favorite artist but don’t have enough memory, you’ll now be able to download the tracks in MP3 or whatever format you prefer..
  • Although market observers were anticipating the release of the SnapTube 4.4 App, most were really caught unawares with the advanced features that this download App has come with. The latest version has been updated to enable users to download videos from Instagram or Facebook. Previously, you could download videos and audio from YouTube and other streaming sites, but doing it on Facebook or Instagram was almost impossible.
  • You will also be able to download videos hosted by other sites, and not just YouTube. These include videos hosted on Liveleaks, Vimeo, or the social media sites mentioned earlier. The videos won’t be limited to movies and series and trailers, but also documentaries. These include your favorite Nat Geo documentaries, and other investigative series of your choice.

To summarize it

  • The release of SnapTube 4.4 Download is indeed a game changer, and will enable millions of android users download videos online fast and conveniently. The App is 100% free and new features and functionalities are being constantly upgraded.


The App is easy to download and doesn’t consume a lot of data to either install, or use.  You now have a chance to download your favorite online videos and store them for future viewing.

Cynthia Moore

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