What makes CinemaBox HD awesome

Downloading movies, videos and songs can’t be an easy task for sure! You can always watch movies on YouTube but one cannot download it. If you all have noticed then let me remind you that to watch movies on YouTube, users have to pay some amount of money for example subscription.


There are various video streaming application which allow you to watch movies and videos for free. The best part about them is that you can download movies and videos, watch them offline without wasting your internet allowance. CinemaBox HD also called as PlayBox HD is a video streaming application that allows you to do all of this is few simple steps. Let’s read more about it through its powerful features.

  •   Download movies and videos

Users can download videos and movies for free and watch them offline. CinemaBox HD connects you to some nice and reliable links that gives you the best quality to download.

  •   Convert Mp4 to Mp3 files

You are allowed to download songs by converting Mp4 to Mp3 files in seconds. Any video can be converted without any doubt.

  •   Kids lock

It is very essential for parents to judge what their children can see on internet. In this case, CinemaBox HD gives a provision of Kids lock where you can decide what your kid is going to watch. You can lock all the serials or movies and only leave cartoon and children series for them. It totally depends on you.

  •   Free and safe

The application is totally safe and secure. You can download any video or movie without any second thoughts. It is very easy and safe.

  •   HD quality

As its name suggests, CinemaBox HD gives you high quality video to watch over your phone. Of course, the speed and quality varies according to your internet connection. Good internet connection is always a treat for these applications.

  •   Subtitles

CinemaBox or PlayBox HD supports maximum of 15 languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, German and many more. Also, it will give you subtitles to every movie or video you want to watch, totally your choice to make!

  •   Supports Chromecast

CinemaBox HD supports Chromecast that enables you to run your downloaded movies on television. You can watch movies with your family and friends on the big screen.


These were some basic features, to know more you have to experience them by yourself. According to us, CinemaBox HD runs amazingly well on all your devices be it Android, PC or Tablet. You should try it!

Cynthia Moore

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