5 Best Media Centre Apps for Android Users

Smartphone users expect virtually everything from their Android devices. They blanked out most of the other old age things like TV, Radio. Moreover, they want to get connected to each and every available gadgets on the planet. That is where Media Center apps come into play. These apps are the one that helps users to stream movies, music or Youtube videos and alternative types of every known media to the external display, such SmartTV, Monitor displays. In short, they turn your Android devices into Media Hub/Center.

Down below, we’ve listed five Best Media Center apps for Android users, based on user experience and reviews.

Google Home

Google home

The official Media Center app from Google for all Android devices. Google Home requires Chromcast device to access Videos, Images, and Music on your TV from Android device. By using this app, you can control your Chromcast audio device remotely. This app conjointly works just like the search engine to seek out new Chromcast supported apps.

All cast

All Cast

All cast could be a tight Media Center app for Android users. All cast supports Chromecast devices, Xbox consoles, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV and other SmartTVs aswell. You can stream videos/music from cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive as well. The Free version of this app has some restrictions on viewing time, that is you can only watch any media for five minutes only. To get rid of those limits, you need to buy the premium version.


Just like the Allcast, BubbleUPnP works utterly with different modern devices like Amazon FireTV, gaming Consoles, Nvidia Shield, Nexus Player, DLNA enabled TVs and former Chromecast devices. To reinforce the accessibility, an optional software called “BubbleUPnP server” is provided by the developers which you can install on any PC/laptops. Using this media server functionality, you can access your native (Home) media on your Android device through the internet from anywhere around the globe. -Cool is not it?

Emby For Android

Emby For Android

Emby for Android app organizes all of your media on your Android and streams flawlessly to your SmartTvs. Few options are only available on premium subscription. The app comes with parental management so that you’ll be able to provide access to your kids with none worries. You can stream live TV from supported providers. It will stream every type of media files including, MKV, Mp4, Mp3, JPG, PNG, AVI, etc.


One more Media Center app that, streams media files to your various devices. It is much similar to already mentioned BubbleUPnP. Plex also features a companion software “Plex Server” that helps you to look at home media on the go, through the internet. On the free version, you can stream unlimited pics, videos, and music along with access to Plex Media Server option. In case, you wish to stream media from cloud storage, to share media with friends or to watch HD Vevo Music videos, you’ve got to unlock the app by making the in-app purchase.

That’s it, folks. We have tried our best to list down 5 best media center apps for Android devices. Please, let us know your experience after trying them out by commenting down.

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